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dark version of mileys bun preach it
November 2nd , 18 notes
awkward smiling all the way
November 2nd , 12 notes
selfies wut
Anonymous said: you're fucking ugly
I replied:

You know what, I’m not.
Some of you may think I’m cocky for this but I don’t give a fuck.
I am beautiful.
Being beautiful isn’t about having flawless skin, perfect hair, perfect teeth, nice eyes etc. It’s about being kind and nice on the inside, caring about others, and letting them know how beautiful they are too.
But you anon, you are not beautiful at all. You’re a horrible person, how dare you tell someone they’re ugly?

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enjoy my lovely braces on your dashboard
October 7th , 30 notes
my cousins mac takes such good pictures aw
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my hair looks so nice
August 26th , 42 notes
i actually look so weird when my hair isn’t straight.
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oh my god a picture of me got over 50 notes.asdfghjkl; 
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oh look it’s me. i wish my hair was still that long.